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We wish to thank the following donors for their generous support:



Mike & Katherine Adams

Cheri Allen

Phil & Karen Best

Ronald & Jocelyn Bright

Susan Byrne

Arlene Carpenter

Elizabeth  Cottrell

Joyce Cowdery

Dustin Curtis

Lauren Dudley

Steve & Betty Fabry

Daniel & Shirley Fontanez

Michelle Grose

Mary Hamlin

Stanley Hess

Deborah Housen

Charles Huddleston

Marilyn Hutton

Kitsap Kids Directory

Shirley Knight & Carla Grahn

Patty Lent

Connie Lord

Sandra McNabb

Gail & Steven Moss

Shelley & Robert Sherwin

Carol Sperber

Dean Tingey

Carol Watson

Richard A. Eskridge

Ron & Eva Sher

Anne Huey

Ellen Page Smith


Kitsap Great Give 2021


 In honor of Aurora Valentinetti and her 100th birthday anniversary this July 14th, the Valentinetti Puppet Museum invites your support of one of Bremerton and Kitsap's premier family-friendly attractions.


 Your support is our lifeline! It enables us to provide outstanding exhibits of educational and entertainment excellence attracting visitors from far and wide. Through digital media we are able to reach out to a global audience attracting an important body of economic supporters to Bremerton's shores. Community support enables us to sponsor performances, participate in community events such as parades, festivals and fairs. It also enables us to pay our rent.


 Great news! The Valentinetti is open again. Reopening we celebrate with “All the World is a Stage”. An exhibit 'highlighting' stages and performances of cultures and types from around the world. We hope you will be able to join us and enjoy the legacy of puppeteers and story tellers of the past and support those of today and tomorrow.


 Our goal is to reach out even more to children and their families by making the stories, art and history of puppetry from around the world, accessible to people here in Kitsap, around the Sound and beyond. You can help by giving to the Valentinetti Puppet Museum.


Please make your gift today!


Corporate & Special Gifts

We are so grateful to the individuals and organizations that make special gifts of support. Some provide for a specific need or sponsor a performance, while others invigorate the entire organization by contributing to AVPM's general fund. These acts of generosity have a huge financial impact. They also encourage and inspire us as we seek to provide outstanding arts experiences for the community.  If you would like to learn more about our current goals and needs, you are welcome to contact the museum at 360-728-2840.


Valentinetti Puppet Museum

280 4th Street

Bremerton, WA 98337

THANK YOU for your generosity!




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