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UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity


The identification of world intangible cultural heritage of humanity is a major objective of UNESCO in helping to preserve our human history.  The Valentinetti Puppet Museum is pleased to have in its broad collections many examples of these nearly vanished cultural treasures. 


We will begin this journey by looking at the islands of Indonesia and their rich heritage of puppetry, music and the textile arts, all of which can be incorporated in the study and enjoyment of Indonesian puppetry.


Since the beginning of these programs UNESCO has added new programs each year that are designed to maintain and preserve these cultural heritage treasures, through identification, education, training, preserving, etc.  Take a look at these items in the collection:  Wayang Puppet Theater (2008) [The VPM has a rich collection of Golek, Kulit, and Klitk examples] ; Indonesian Anglkung (2010) [On display is an angkung padaeng example voiced in the diatonic scale] and Gamelan (2021) are musical instruments that are often traditional accompaniments to Wayang performances; Indonesian Batik (2009) is a traditional textile art that can be found among the fabrics used to dress the Wayang puppets.

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